Tuesday, March 6, 2012

JW (CTE) "Just Fly" & Footage of JW's Birthday Bash

Steph (@celebritymound on twitter) is on top of her PR game and working the new single "Just Fly" from CTE's JW (@JWCTE on twitter). "Just Fly" was produced by T-Walk off his mixtape "The Total Package".

You can listen/download the new single here (via LimeLinx)

JW's birthday bash at Atrium was big! People say "like a movie" all the time, but here's some visuals for you to see for yourself.

You can find more from JW at jwcte.com and be sure to hit www.celebritymound.com to keep in step with Steph's PR work. I always respect hustle and Steph is the epitome of hustle and grind.

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