Monday, July 16, 2012

Death of a Mixtape

With all the mixtapes I do between gigs, this is unfortunately not uncommon - to be asked by another DJ (or a group of DJs) to do a joint mixtape...only to have the project sputter out to a quiet death. We all have hectic schedules so it's understandable although it still pisses me off. As quickly as new music rolls out we have to be quick to break new records or get left behind and this is the biggest gripe I have when a mixtape project stalls out. I hate to be late with music and rarely roll out a mixtape with any music that I have already twisted in a previous mixtape. So I do my piece...wait...wait...wait.......crickets. Here's an example of the death of a mixtape:

I twisted this up sometime in early June, but the other 2 DJs never came through with their pieces (of a mixtape they asked me to be a part of). Now the music is too old to twist into another mixtape so...this little mix just dies a quiet death.

If you're interested in the tracks, here was the tracklisting:

01 NVS - Bitcholous
02 Chevy Woods - Hazelwood
03 Chevy Woods ft Wiz Khalifa - M’fer
04 Jeremih ft Fabolous - Ahh Shit
05 P. Watts ft Rasheeda, Lola Monroe & Kaleena - Later
06 Hot Stylez ft Lloyd - Booty Champagne and Singles

You can download it here: Death of the Mixtape if you're interested.

I love to do joint mixtape projects with other DJs that I respect and I'm always willing to dive into another, but this irritates the hell out of me. I don't want to rant. I just want to finally bury this little blend and show my respects to the death of another mixtape.


  1. nice concept mate! i should do it with unfinished songs & mixtapes too :)

  2. i do agree,,,really nice concept :) thanks for sharing it