Monday, July 9, 2012

K Michelle "0 Fucks Given"

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta's own songstress, K. Michelle, delivers an epic project to celebrate her love of music and her devoted fans by teaming up with Aphilliates own TrendSetter Deejay/Radio Personality, DJ Sense. The mixtape premiered worldwide via @ 5pm est on 07.09.12, and is currently available for download for you to enjoy this project that captures every emotion that you may fill. The mixtape is comprised of 20 melodic tracks while adding a twist of humor in 4 skits. Please make sure you tweet @kmichelle and @djsense and let me know what you think of #0F**ksGiven. Download Link:

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K Michelle blazed this project up with sultry and soulful vocals mixed with a whole gang of comedy between the lines and created one of the best releases to kick off the summer. If you watch the show or not, if you knew of K Michelle before or not - none of that matters. You can download "0 Fucks Given" for free and judge for yourself. Just hit play above if you want to preview it first, but I'll vouch for this project all day every day.

At first listen, my favorite was "Pillow". I love the soul in K Michelle's voice and that side hit snare is slappin. Definitely a dope record. Then I flipped to "Sweetest Love" as my top pick. As a man - this is EXACTLY what I want to hear from my woman (forget the fact that she reveals that she's actually just masturbating). "Don't Say Sorry" is easily another highlight. The production behind the pain in her voice is a perfect blend to create a dope breakup ballad. "Amen" is guaranteed to make you laugh and probably have you singing "Chuuuuch" right along with K Michelle. Something about "Pate Song #1" made me think of the old 1983 Debarge record "Love Me in a Special Way", but I can't put my finger on why exactly. Regardless, "Pate Song #1" is fly as hell. The one song you can absolutely count on me twisting into a lot of my mixes is easily "We Mobbin". K Michelle blazing acapella asking is there a hater in the room? Bananas! I have to be honest though, that was the highlight of the song for a DJ that's burned out on the instrumental she flipped for the song. If you've been watching the show then you are familiar with K Michelle's hit ballad "Bury My Heart", but for those who have missed it so far - you need this record in your life. I swear everytime I hear the song though, I think of En Vogue chiming in. "Shut Up" is another highlight and one of the funniest songs I've heard in a hot minute. If you watch the show then you will definitely be laughing and if you haven't been watching - "Shut Up" will probably make you hurry up and watch just to find out of Joseline is "Jo" or a "Ho". "I Know You Won't" is a deep record that really captures the essence of the entire project with a twist of pain and poignant truth that fits the soulful vocal inflections of K Michelle perfectly. "Irrelevant" is the perfect ending for "0 Fucks Given" and another one of my favorites.

K Michelle is back in a big way. Thanks to the show for providing her the platform to grab the attention of listeners again and allowing her to shine. Don't think for one minute that the show somehow makes K Michelle. She ain't that fake white chic from Housewives of Atlanta. K Michelle CAN ACTUALLY SING and is (and always has been) a legitimate talent. Enjoy the free gift she has given and be sure to hit her on twitter to let her know your thoughts on her mixtape "0 Fucks Given".

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