Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diggin In The Crates: Dynamic Five "Love Is The Key"

Dynamic Five's "Love Is The Key" album is one of those rare gems that I have never shared - mostly due to it's rarity. I've seen the LP sell for more than $3,000 to collectors, but that's not the true value to me as a DJ and crate digga. The treasure is the collection of dope soul and R&B for my mixes. Not only twisting chops into mixes, but slicing it apart to reassemble as a brand new funk. What kind of DJ and Crate Digga would I be if I didn't share this one? You can start literally with the first sounds the needle sings when that run kicks off the lead track "Lovers Lullabye". Absolutely dope for a transition.

"Skyboat" jumps off with sample-worthy material too, but the sound has been used so heavily that I steer away from it. Slip to the 1:54 mark of "To Get To Heaven" and you'll find one of my favorite slices. Definitely a dope piece to use as a DJ and/or producer. One of my favorite chops from the entire album though; "Beautiful Lady". When you lay a big ass 808 kick under there and slide the pitch down...insane. I've been tinkering with it for a while to pitch to my MoTre family for a remake/remix, but I'm not supposed to leak any info on that project so...nevermind that. Click play below to hear the original for yourself, then let your imagination wander on the possibilities.

"Supreme Being" is THE record though. Think Lauryn Hill and Busta Rhymes when you hear it and you'll get an idea of the magic potential of this record. Phenomenal.

"Love Is The Key" has potential as well for any crate diggin' producer ready to twist it up.

The rarity of this album goes beyond it's value to vinyl collectors. This is one of those albums every producer and DJ wants in the arsenal to drop on the head of any competitor: full of dope shit to twist into any blend and hard to find (which eliminates the copy-cat bastards that don't put in the work to find unique styles...I digress). Anyway, with all that said - I won't provide a direct download link for the full album, but you should visit if you were looking for such an opportunity. You're welcome crate digga's!

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