Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diggin In The Crates: Lloyd Price "Music Music"

Lloyd Price "Music-Music" album (LPG Records 1976) jumps off with that immediate "OH SHIT!" reaction with the leadoff track "What Did You Do With My Love" opening bars. Loop that beginning 4 bar piece and burn one. That shit is fuckin dope...literally. The "Music Music" track starts off with some potential but I was on the fence with chopping that opening blast...slide over the 1:20 mark and you'll hear my favorite piece of the record and yes, you will hear that chopped up into my upcoming...wait, not sharing any details about that project yet. Anyway, Lloyd Price has some gems for the crate digga's. "Love Music" has even more heat (skip to the 1:02 mark) for those ready to chop and loop. The biggest reason I ever copped this album was sitting and listening to another producer chop up the track "Uphill Piece Of Mind" which as it is - it's kind of funky...but hearing a seasoned producer work it over was a lesson for me in the craft. I'm a DJ but I dabble in production...watching him twist this record into absolute magic...humbling to say the least. If I had to pick one Lloyd Price track from this album to hand to producers in a beat battle it would definitely be "Uphill Piece of Mind" since it has so many elements available to the producer. Of course the final track "N'sele" would work just as well. Especially since it's an instrumental track.

Hit play on this and peep that opening segment of "What Did You Do With My Love"...dope ain't it.

Click here to download the full album

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