Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cambatta - Feeling Me (Video & MP3 Download)

Cambatta takes the smooth approach on a beautifully flipped version of the same sample Jay used for "Feelin it". The video was shot and edited by Cambatta himself! Smoke and Mirrors Coming soon!!!

For anyone who didn't already know, I ride for Cambatta's music. I dig his flow and delivery and he usually comes through with some dope production behind him. I first got familiar with Cambatta back in March 2011 (see "Get familiar with Cambatta"). You can hear his record "Stoopid" in the mix on my Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 4 hosted by Billy Blue and then again on my Slap That Mix mixtape I rolled out in December. You can also peep the video for "Stoopid" at Cambatta Stoopid Video & Download Link

Now I just need to talk Cambatta into peeling one of those $20's off the table and buying me a bottle of Amaretto THANK YOU DJ

Youtube Video Link:
Mediafire link:

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