Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chalie Boy "No Time To Lay Off"

Chalie Boy returns with "No Time To Lay Off" and delivers an instant classic Chalie Boy album to add to his massive catalog of work. If you're not familiar with Chalie Boy - this is an excellent introduction with Chalie Boy offering his singing and rapping skills blended in a perfect storm of dope music for the clubs, the radio, mixtapes, Saturday night house parties, and Sunday afternoon barbeques. Listen to "T.E.X.A.S." and tell me you don't hear that bumpin down the block out the trunk of every third car slidin' by or playing loud at the BBQ while you slappin dominoes or playing spades? As soon as that Con Funk Shun "Loves Train" sample drops you know you know it's a hit record. I can already tell you the "Wake It Up" record with Slim Thug and Beat King goes big in the clubs and is easily one of my favorite singles from "No Time To Lay Off". Another favorite of mine is the "It's Whatever" record where Chalie Boy absolutely stunned me with his delivery and cadence. I knew Chalie Boy was the most versatile artist I know, but I never knew he could flow like that! Another song you don't want to miss is the playfull "OMG". If you're a DJ like me you will appreciate how much Chalie Boy shows love to the DJs throughout his songs. If you're a fan of Hip-Hop and R&B I can confidently guarantee there will be something within the tracklisting of "No Time To Lay Off" that you will dig.

Now for the best part: Chalie Boy is giving "No Time To Lay Off" away for free. Visit and download your copy now, then follow Chalie Boy on twitter @D3CHALIEBOY and hit him direct with your feedback.

01. Ghetto Superstar (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
02. Bust It (Featuring Beat King & Queen) (Produced by Beat King)
03. T.E.X.A.S. (Produced by Izzy The Kid)
04. Goin’ Goin’ (Produced by Izzy The Kid)
05. Bitch Quit Callin’ Me (Produced by Q. Smith)
06. Foul Shit (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
07. Play With It (Produced by Izzy The Kid)
08. My Momma Always Told Me (Featuring J-Dawg) (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
09. Wake It Up (Featuring Beat King & Slim Thug) (Produced by Beat King)
10. Got A Lotta Bitches (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
11. Nightlife Rock Shit (Produced by Mingo of Beat Monkeys)
12. Eff U Haters (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
13. It’s Whatever (Produced by Bravestar Productions)
14. She Like Girls (w/ Pooca Leroy) (Produced by Bonefied)
15. OMG (Produced by Q. Smith)

You can find my twists of "OMG" and "Goin' Goin" on my Slap That Mix 4 mixtape and "It's Whatever" and "T.E.X.A.S." on my Slap That Mix 3 mixtape. "Wake It Up" found placement on two of my mixtapes; "Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 7" hosted by Murphy Lee and "The Official TXSMC Mixtape". I also flipped "Bust It" into my "This Is What a Real DJ Sounds Like" blend.

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